Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilting a-long.....

I feel like the only thing I have to show lately are granny squares.  I guess that is because that IS all I have.  I have been working on these for four days.  I have completed 19.  I think that I have 11 to go.  Here is my most updated photo

I know I keep talking about how much I love this fabric, but I really LOVE this fabric.  I think that Fandango came out before I really started to pay attention to the quality of fabric.  I will never turn back ;)

Here are my next 11 blocks!

All stacked up and ready to be chain pieced.  I think there are 189 2.5" squares stacked up right there!!!  I am going on vacation this weekend, so I don't think I will finish, but maybe next week.

Trying to think about what my next project needs to be.  Any ideas????


P.S. Lori at Adventures in Fabric is having a giveaway for hitting the 50 followers mark.  Hop over to her blog and congratulate her (all eight of you)!!!!!


  1. Your granny squares look amazing! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. Um, 9! ;) I love your granny squares! I think cutting out all the pieces is the worst part. At least for me. Your quilt is going to look fabulous!