Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Back!!!!


I am back from spring break.  We had a blast!!!  We didn't go far (Memphis), but it was so nice to get away.  I think we did every thing you can do in Memphis.  I thought I would give everyone a look into my world for a brief moment.  It was raining so much the first day that we were there, I never took the camera out of the car :(  We went to the Pink Palace Museum (which is really, really cool BTW) and later that night, once the rain dried up, we took the boys to play putt putt and ride go karts.  They had a ball!

 This is Joshua with Forest.  The kids got a paper doll to color and cut out.  We were supposed to take pictures with Forest to show the class where he went on Spring Break.

 My favorite picture from the Memphis Zoo.

 This is Joshua in front of the spot that Martin Luther King, Jr was shot.  Joshua is my brainchild and ever since Black History Month, he has been infatuated with MLK.  He was showing his sad face.

 Trying to get a cute picture of the boys and little man was trying to cheese it up!

 That's better!

 My favorite picture from the trip by far.  This is a RARE moment.  They never hug or act sweet!!!

 We went to Sun Studios.  This is where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and others got there start.  It was a really cool tour.

 This is a TERRIBLE picture of me, but I didn't get many good pictures of me with my boys and this was probably the best one.

 The boys standing at Elvis's microphone!

 Joshua trying to break it down for us.  He is such a ham!!!!

 Joshua and I both hamming it up at Hard Rock Cafe.  
Gibson guitar factory.  My oldest, Jacob, and Tom both play guitar.  This was a real treat for all of us, but especially those two.  You get to see every step in making a guitar.  They only have two stations that use a computerized machine.  The rest is done by hand.

When we got back I was dying to sew.  The only thing I really have going right now is my granny squares quilt, so I started busting out all of them.  I am in the process of sashing right now.  Speaking of granny squares... I won the granny squares quilt along giveaway!!!  I have never won anything.  I was so excited.  I got to choose a jelly roll of my choice.  I gave my top three choices.  Can't wait to see what comes in the mail!!!!

Hoping to finish the sashing and start work on the border tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting the blog!!!!



  1. Your granny squares look great! I found you through the Retro Flowers QAL. Just checking out some new blogs of members!

  2. Hi Lindsey, My hubby and I would love the Gibson Guitar stop! Love your quilt also!!! Looks like some good memories for your family~ ♥♥♥

  3. It looks like you all had a great time away! I'm like you, when I go away and there is no crafty stuff I get to do...I can't wait to get back home to play with my fabric and fibers. =)