Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Busy

It has been one busy week for quilting around here.  I haven't finished an actual quilt, but that doesn't mean my sewing machine hasn't gotten a workout.  I finished Ursula's block for the beejeebers quilt bee.

This is the block before it was sewn together.  I was so excited to finish, I mailed it to Ursula before getting a photo of its completion.  It is a beautiful block and I think that her quilt is going to be just stunning!!!   There are 48 different prints within this block, and I think almost everyone in the bee is doing the same.  Wow!

I have also been turning out Granny Squares left and right this weekend.  You can see the original tutorial here and the flickr group for the quilt-a-long here.  There are some beautiful blocks being shown off over there!  I decided to use a Fandango jelly roll.  I am totally in love with this fabric.  It is gorgeous!!!!  Here is what I have done so far:

Aren't they yummy?  The last pic is a close up of my favorite so far (I think).  I might try to make some more tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Tom and the boys have been so sweet to let me have some "me time" this weekend.  I love all my boys :)

Hope everyone else is having a fun, safe, and productive weekend as well!!!



  1. Love the granny squares!! I admire yours so much I'm about ready to bust out some 1930s rolls and start one for myself. I still need to get my block for Ursula together. It's been a slow, slow weekend!

  2. All of those blocks looks so great!! Love fandango too! :) I think your first block is a new favorite!! :)