Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Monkey

I did it!  I finished Joshua's birthday quilt!  I can't believe he turned six years old today.  I am too tired to ramble on, so I will just give you some photos to look at.

this is a pic of me wrestling with this quilt while quilting! 

Here it is! 

 Just another angel.

 Joshua opening the sock monkey that I got him to go with his quilt (he hasn't seen his room at this point)

This is Joshua's first look at his new room.

 This is the minky pillowcase that I made to go with his quilt.

 Close up of the ribbon detail on the pillowcase.  It is the same yellow dot fabric that I used for the binding on the quilt.

 Joshua all nice and clean and under his new quilt.  He loves the new addition to his monkey family!

 Can't you tell?

 Tucked in 

 Look how tired my little man is!!!  He had a great day at school and at home.  :)

I sneaked back into his room and got a pic of his fast asleep.  I love my six year old.

Thanks for looking


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