Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have made some progress.  It is slow going because I can only work on this quilt after lil' monkey is in bed.  I have 30 blocks completely put together.  All I have to do is square them to 11.5 inches.  

This quilt is already making my life a little difficult.  I originally bought a pattern that was going to require 99 blocks to make the top, so I thought that I would use a little math and adjust the pattern to better suit my needs.  I worked the numbers so that the quilt would use (30) 12 inch finished blocks.  Well, lets just say that my math must be a little rusty because my blocks, when squared, are 11.5 inches and will finish at 11 inches square.  No biggie though.  I am still in love with this quilt.  I am going to need to make 12 more blocks to finish.  Here are a few photos of the progress (excuse the photo quality, as it is night time at my house) :)

Here are the cut pieces laid out on my bed.  I am a little OCD and needed to make sure that all the prints were distributed evenly before sewing together!
(excuse the messy side table crap.  It's clean now.  Geeze, the things you see in pictures after you've already taken them!!!)

Here is where I stand tonight.  I have 10 blocks squared up with 20 more to go.  Then, when the rest of my fabric comes in, I will finish the last 12 blocks.

This is one of my favorite blocks so far!!! 

Hopefully I will have more progress to share in the next day or two.  Thanks for listening to me ramble :)


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